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This is valid in the CI community where the best receipts are often the best protected. The counter-intelligence consists of tools, methods and activities of protection of which the goal is to neutralize or divert in a legal way any espionage or hostile CI operation.

Defensive or offensive, internal or external with the organization, the counter-intelligence uses the cycle of intelligence. It can thus aim at the questions of the decision makers, the data-gathering, the analysis of these last, the protection and exploitation of the information to be produced by the organization.

In our case, the trick is the raw material of the counter-intelligence strategy. In less than one-half ten years, the start-up pushed back three purchase offers. Its direct competitors are great multinationals, and almost everything has been tried against that company: incentive of the executives to publish in international reviews, invitations with study trips, benchmarking, elicitation, fictitious job offers, laying off, Trojan horses via Internet, robbery attempts, operations of destabilization… etc.

In vain. To face the situation, two young women of 26 and 29 years full-time animate the competitive intelligence unit CI-U to which is strategically attached the internal and corporate communication of the company.

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  • And when an hostile watcher insists on a detail, the CI-U discreetly post an informational missile. With a scientist mixes of true and false informations coded by easy passwords, the CI unit nourishes those who think of having perforated its safety device.

    In-house like outside the company, the use of e-mail, telephones and fax is extremely reduced; the remote communications are short, encrypted and buckled. In addition to the clauses of confidentiality and non-competition traditionnaly used in this type of structure , the CI-U produced a ludic safety handbook for the employees.

    With each level of responsibility corresponds a storytelling, if an irrepressible desire to talk about work suddently takes an employee on an aircraft, a taxi, a conference, in love or family… Thanks to a corporate communication adapted to this strategic objective, close relations exist between paid which end up creating a police line around the informational inheritance of the company. Since three years, this competitive counter-intelligence device has caused such nuisances to the competitors that some suspended their monitoring around Aurora.

    This experience feedback is for the CI experts who keep all their eggs in the basket of electronic monitoring.

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    Here you may find some answers to questions you have always asked yourself: How do companies keep their competitors under surveillance, how can they control each step they make? What are the tools to do so? But as competitor you need often more detailed information. If you wish to know more about CI tools and go deeper in this field you can visit this site: Search Engine Journal. In the cooperative spirit, I shared this book list to supplement our teaching which I am sharing with you.

    If you have other books to suggest I would like to hear from you!

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    Joe is a professional reader of body language and shares some of the tricks to this skill, not the least of which is keen, unobtrusive observation. I think there is even more pressure to be good at reading body language today since most of our communication is electronic.

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    Thus, we get less practice at being with people, so we need to be all the more observant during in-person meetings. As such, this book is geared to help anyone learn more about their customers by researching them on the Internet, and he shares many tippers on how to do this. Basic Interviewing Skills by Raymond L. He presents a solid structure for conducting and assessing your interview and includes exercises for practice.

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    He also includes some great tippers on how to read body language and tone of voice while conducting an interview. This is a must read for anyone in public relations and brand management. Even a small business person will benefit by learning how to develop and position their brand.

    Treacy argues that companies should focus on leadership in one of three areas for a sustainable competitive advantage: operational excellence, product leadership or customer intimacy. Kahaner describes the value of competitive intelligence and how to use it very clearly as he is a trained journalist, and writes exquisitely. I also put together a book list on social networking and presentations for this course, the topic for a future blog. It is Monday morning and on my of list of things-to-do when I fire up my laptop is to check My Yahoo!

    This is where I monitor stocks and shares, news headlines, weather forecasts and have tools such as currency conversion. Before going to My Yahoo I always go to the main Yahoo! This morning was a real shock. The home page has changed dramatically and not for the good. Apart from the hideous colours and layout there is no direct link to My Yahoo any more.

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    The latter clearly does not work in this context as it tells me that today my stocks and shares are up GBP , In my dreams! I am not interested in horoscopes, mailboxes, videos and eBay but there does not seem to be any way of getting rid of them. Thankfully search. I am now wondering what Yahoo has in store for us next.

    Content courtesy of PInow. Cross and Smith propose that the 5 Stages provide the general strategic framework for your markeing program and that various tactics, e. For instance you might only have a few dozen followers on Twitter, but all it takes is one to read something you might have written hastily or as an inside joke and take it in the wrong way and then share it with friends and colleagues for you to let an unwanted genie out of the bottle.

    Case in point : an agency exec in Memphis to meet with FedEx, a rather substantial client of his, Tweeted something negative about Memphis, someone at FedEx read it and then shared it with his coworkers. The exec ended up with an upset client and a lot of explaining to do. An Interview with Wayne RosenkransStylish Eastern inspired furniture In this second part of our interview with Wayne Rosenkrans, who ran strategic gaming activities for AstraZeneca for nearly a decade and is now VP Consulting for Fuld Stylish Eastern inspired furniture, lighting and accessories.

    After receiving An Interview with Wayne RosenkransPolice investigate phone hacker spree In this second part of our interview with Wayne Rosenkrans, who ran strategic gaming activities for AstraZeneca for nearly a decade and is now VP Consulting for Fuld Thieves are hacking the internet phone systems of WA businesses and racking up hefty international phone bills in the process.

    From her post: Perhaps one of the most valuable but often overlooked data available on Delicious are the tags and notes by retailer. These are quick glimpses into the words and phrases associated with a brand, and are valuable in determining the brand associations your customers have with your company. A smart guy.

    A caring guy. And clearly he can convey complicated medical issues in terms the common guy or gal can comprehend. Associate members? Yes and no. Read more at MySanAntonio. They also prohibit the computer intrusions mentioned at 18 U. Indicted under 18 U. David C. Yontz entered a plea agreement this past September after he was accused of violating 18 U. Page 4 of Mr. Copyright Fred L. These competitive urban legends are endemic to almost every company, and become reinforced over time as more executives buy into them.

    Really, you should read the whole thing.

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  • Refreshments provided afterwards. Mashups are not just for the remnants of your Christmas or Sunday dinner!

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    A mashup is also a web application that combines data from more than one source into a single integrated tool, and you may be surprised at how commonplace they have become. Karen Blakeman will look at examples from a variety of sectors and subject areas and show how easy it is to create your own. The issues of quality and ownership of data will also be addressed.

    BBOD meetings are free and open to all with a professional interest in the topic. Allott berkshire.

    I will, of course, get many details wrong. Maudlin hints that the book can be hard to believe in places, but ultimately he calls it fascinating and thought-provoking. Spammers are also getting more creative in